JANNA LUNDIUS                                           

Concept for a dance performance inspired by Patrick Süskind's book, "Perfume: story of a murderer" set to the soundtrack for the film by Tom Tykwer.

Perfume is the story of a man searching for perfection through art. Against all odds he becomes a master in his craft, only to realise that turning his vision into reality does not satisfy his emotional and spiritual hunger.

With this piece I was interested in creating an allegory that juxtaposes male fantasies projected unto women’s bodies through objects of desire in fashion and art, with the alchemistic quest of artists and designers to distill the elusive essence of beauty through symmetry and colour.

How do we successfully walk line between what is kitsch and what is beautiful? When do you create art and when do you kill beautiful concepts because of poor execution?
Dance performance based on the book set to the soundtrack of the film


Concept development, stage and costume design